On the right is Max, one of our two dogs. He is a mid-sized dog and very strong; we love Max. When we walk our dogs, we generally don't like the idea of using a choker leash because we don't want to hurt our dogs or cause them any discomfort. But time after time when we would take our dogs for a walk, there would always be something that turns our pleasant walk into a bit of a battle and craziness. Max would suddenly see a squirrel or rabbit and try to run after it. He is very strong and difficult to restrain. He also seems to want to chase cars or kids on bikes, so restraining him at these times is VERY important for both his safety and the safety of others.  

One day I said to myself... I wish I had a better way to restrain him at these times!

DING! ....The Dual Safety Dog Leash..... A leash that attaches to the harness or collar like any other, is very strong, but also has the added ability to control my dog with a restraint collar at those crazy times. Once I created the leash, I first tested it on Max.... how nice it was to not have to worry about him overacting to any random event. Now I can enjoy my walks with Max, knowing that I can protect both him and others from the craziness!

If you can relate to this scenario, you will really love our new leash!

 Why we love what we do... Our Dogs!!