We are confident that you will like your new Dual Safety Dog Leash. Below you will find instructions on how to properly use your new leash.

The first time you use your leash, you will need to adjust the length of the restraint collar in order to make the fit perfect for your dog. Do this in the house prior to going out, so that you will have full control of your dog when you leave for your walk.

Instructions for the standard leash with restraint collar:

  1. Place either a collar or harness securely on your dog, whichever you typically use to walk your dog. Only one is needed, but both may be used. (Be sure the collar or harness cannot come off your dog unless it is removed by you.)                                                                                                              

  2. Now slip the red restraint collar over your dog’s head.                                                                                

  3. Next, using the metal bolt snap on the main black leash, attach it to the collar or harness which you put on your dog in step one. If you use both, we suggest attaching to the harness for optimum control.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

  4. Now that the leash is on, it’s time to adjust it.

    1. Take hold of the black leash handle and stand behind your dog as if you are walking, then put some pressure on the leash to simulate walking your dog with them pulling somewhat.  

    2. Now gently pull on the red restraint handle to take up the slack on the restraint collar.            

    3. Finally, using the metal slide buckle on the red restraint handle, adjust the length of the restraint, so that all the slack is taken up and the red handle is near the black handle. (You can let the excess red restraint dangle or tuck it back into the main black leash.)                                                 

  5. You are now ready to walk your dog. As you go, apply normal pressure to your dog using only the black leash. Only if your dog needs correction, use the red restraint collar to deter them from any bad behaviors. Use your free hand to pull the red restraint handle while giving slack on the black leash. This will cause the dog to restrain itself by pulling away from you. At this time use a command like "NO". If necessary give a corrective tug on the red restraint to emphasize your command. In time your dog will learn, that no means no. Safe walking!