This leash is the perfect combination of a standard dog leash and a restraint collar.  It's great for training your dog and provides control when you need it.


First, the standard leash portion is made of very strong but soft black nylon material, which allows you to walk your dog gently using the regular leash attached to the harness or collar as usual. You use the black handle while walking your dog.


Second, there is a red nylon restraint collar running through the standard leash. This is slipped over the dog's head to provide the restraint collar as an option to correct your dog's behavior whenever necessary. You use the red handle to engage the restraint collar.

The Dual Safety Dog Leash will allow your dog to walk comfortably, because the standard leash is fastened to the harness or collar which takes any pressure created from the dog pulling. At the same time, this leash will give you the confidence of knowing that you have the ability to use the restraint collar to keep your dog and others safe ONLY if needed. 

The Dual Safety Dog Leash, it's both Safe and Humane!